Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RUT Mechanics: Donut Box Counters and How They Work

There are 2 different types of donut-box counters that sound similar, and they do slightly different things. Here's the first one:

A lot of boxes, aren't there? Anyways, the lifetime boxes stat tells you how many boxes (each a 2% bonus to the DPS and DPC, by the way) you currently have. Now some readers may wonder how you get those boxes, which brings us to the other counter:

The "Boxes after Reset" counter tells you how many boxes you will have after a reset. This counter does NOT count the donut boxes you have, i.e., the ones giving you the 2% bonus. In order to let them give you that fabulous bonus look below:

If you click the reset button, a confirmation dialog will pop up. If you click Yes, all of your everything will be destroyed forever! But one thing will be preserved: all the boxes in the "Boxes after Reset" counter will be your new donut boxes! So resetting is (probably) a good idea at some point. It may seem like you put in all that work for nothing, but you might find yourself higher than ever before within hours! This ends the first look at RUT Mechanics!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Announcing RUT

This is the inaugural post of Rockwell Game Studio's RUT blog.

What is RUT?

Rockwell's Uninformed Tidemark

But what is RUT?

RUT is a cookie clicker type game, but with donuts.   The goal is to gain donuts.  You click to gain donuts, and you buy upgrades to gain donuts faster.

Gameplay screen for RUT
There is a free version of RUT for Android on Google Play.  We hope you enjoy playing.